Affilate Program Terms and Conditions


The MAYAMI Affiliate Program System utilizes “cookie tracking,” which monitors individual affiliate partners custom URLs for 30 days. If someone clicks on your link and places an order using the same browser/device, you will get the payment commision. 

Discount Codes vs. URL

Individual affiliate partner discount codes supersede URLs and only one commission can be granted per referral order. MAYAMI suggests that affiliate partner shares code whenever possible (as opposed to custom URL). MAYAMI is only able to provide commission when a code is used or a link is clicked.

Payout Terms and Schedule

Affiliate partners are eligible for pay MAYAMI commision upon request to their personal paypal account , 30 days after the qualifying referral order is placed (which represents a waiting period for product returns). Affiliate partners should allow for up to three (3) business days for store credits to be available once the request for payout has been made.

Affiliate partners are welcome to use their own codes when placing an order, however they will not be earning additional commissions on orders they place

Our payout structure: 

Each affiliate partner receives their own personal coupon code. You recommend products to your friends and followers using this code. With every purchase made with your coupon code, your friends save 10% and you earn 20% on your friends orders. 

Important :

If an affiliate partner buys through their referal link/coupon, he will not be given commission for that sale.

If an affiliate partner buys through referral link/coupon of other affiliates, they will not be given commission for that sale.

Comission redeemable can be pay in paypal only! 

Best performing and most engaged Affiliate Partners may be eligible for random “surprise” gifts and incentives, which are determined and distributed at the sole discretion of MAYAMI. 

Original Work

Affiliate partner hereby represents, warrants and covenants that all content (save and except any materials, if any, supplied by the MAYAMI®) will be the original work and creation of partner and will not infringe the rights (including without limitation, any intellectual property rights) of any third party. Examples include photographs, videos, music, trademarks/logos, personal names/likenesses (including celebrities’ names/likenesses), and writings. If affiliate partner is unsure about a work, particularly in instances where a work includes a third-party’s trademark/logo, or music, film or television clips, or a celebrity’s name, photo or image, affiliate partner should research and/or check with appropriate sources before using it. A good rule of thumb: if in doubt, do not post it.

Confidentiality Agreement

The affiliate partner agrees at all times during the term of sub-contracting and thereafter, to hold in strictest confidence, and not to use, or disclose to any person, firm or corporation without written authorization from MAYAMI®, any Confidential Information of the work and/or any confidential information received from MAYAMI®. The affiliate partner understands that “Confidential Information” means any/all MAYAMI® and/or proprietary information (including third party information provided by MAYAMI), technical data, trade secrets or know-how, including but not limited to: databases, reports, publications, illustrations, software, research, product plans, services, customer lists, artwork, photography, etc.

Compliance with Rules and Laws

Affiliate partner should comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, as well as the terms, conditions, guidelines and policies of any social media platform or service that partner uses in connection with the services provided by MAYAMI®. MAYAMI® is not responsible if your posts are in direct violation of any applicable rules or laws.

Discounts, Promotional Codes, Incentives

As an active Affiliate partner, you will be privy to special codes and discounts to be used only by you. Anyone caught sharing these private codes will have their account terminated and it will be at the discretion of MAYAMI® whether or not payments will be honored at time of termination.


MAYAMI® does not guarantee that you will claim all affilate partner rewards. The ability to earn prizes relies solely on the affiliate partner ability to promote MAYAMI® products to their audience.


All affiliate partners accounts are evaluated periodically by MAYAMI® and will remain operational as long as the account is active and all rules and guidelines are followed accordingly. MAYAMI® reserves the right to cancel agreement at any time for any reason. Cancellation of agreement by affiliate partner must be submitted in writing and acknowledged by both parties. Once a cancellation request has been submitted, we will delete your personal data from our system and it will no longer be retrievable.

Changes to Terms

We reserve the right to make changes to our Affiliate Program at any time, including but not limited to commission/earning structure and payouts.

Questions or comments? Send inquiries to

We appreciate all feedback/suggestions and look forward to hearing from you.