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MAYAMI TOUR HEX is a Monofilament hexagonal polyester string that merits exceptional empathy for players who need to take their game to another propelled level with much appreciation for the game.

Modestly intense, with phenomenal control and a fantastic capacity to pivot the ball, this string will help you guide your strokes at an alarming pace.

This is truly the world’s best tennis string regarding cost and quality.

Color: Blue

Gauge: 1.23mm / 1.28mm

Length: 660ft /200m 

Construction: hexagonal shaped (6-sided) : Top 3 best strings of the year 2020 : 

  • 95% player satisfaction (December 2020) 
  • #1 Overal among 438 tennis strings (January 2020) 
  • #1 Control lab testing (1,23mm) : 

Control : 100/100 points; Spin : 100/100 points ; Tension Stability : 100/100 points  


Tarek USTA 4.0 NTRP level player review