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MAYAMI HIT PRO a string of ultra strong polyester with a round profile of unfathomable quality complimented with “its one of a kind” unique property and chemical compound formula. 

This string pockets the ball beautifully producing an astounding mix of strength and outstanding active rotation. 

This well priced and cost effective string, due to its long tension maintenance, is well worth it’s value. 

Stringforum.net :

100% players satisfaction ( 11 ratings status : July 2020 )

# 2 in Control category

Stringingpedia.com (1,25mm) lab testing  : Power : 90/100 points, Spin : 90/100 points

Kateryna Bondarenko Australian Open Winner, WTA High 29 / doubles 9 

Playing MAYAMI Hit Pro 


Color: Natural

Gauge: 1.25mm ; 1.30mm

Length: 660ft /200m 

Construction: round profile