Tennis string thickness

Tennis string thickness

Highlighted are the most popular on tour. Let’s think for a second why?

1. Thicker strings are more durable. They keep the tension longer so the playability duration time is extended. Are you a string breaker? Maybe it’s time to try thicker strings ! Nadal uses very thick strings because his explosiveness would break a thin gauge every 15 minutes.

2. Thicker strings give you more control. You should also experience lower launch angle. This is becase the spacings between strings is smaller but also the thicker gauges are usually stiffer which decreases „trampoline effect”. It’s harder to „move” the strings. They are more „locked” until you decide to drop tension.

3. Thicker strings are less comfortable than thinner options. If something is stiffer it’s also less comfortable. HOWEVER this can get very complicated to judge if you drop tension on thicker strings lower than you usually use with thinner versions. So let’s say the „comfort potential” is better with thinner gauges.

4. Thinner strings give you more spin potential – they are biting into the ball better. They are moving more freely. Kyrgios is using a thinner gauge setup.

it’s a good idea to use thicker strings in open pattern racquets (16x19) and thinner strings in tighter pattern racquets (18x20). Find the best combination !

The most common thickness among pro players is 1.25. It’s pretty much perfect in the middle between too thin and too thick. Probably best way to start your string thickness journey.

Your racquet and playstyle play big role in choosing correct string gauge and tension setup:

1. Are you a spin oriented player? You probably will enjoy thinner strings more
2. Are you a counterpuncher?  You probably will enjoy thicker strings more

3. Do you use 18x20 / 18x19 pattern racquet ? Try something between 1.20 and 1.25
4. Do you use 16x19 / 16x20 pattern racquet?  Try something between 1.25-1.30
5. Is your headsize big or small ? Strings are usually moving more in bigger headsizes. Perhaps better combination would be to choose thicker gauge.

Of course it’s all jumping around with string tension, string material or shape. It’s good to experiment. For example our Mayami Tour Hex string is 1.23 gauge which unlocks spin but „limits” durability and control HOWEVER most playtesters had totally different experience and describe Tour Hex as control monster (coming from materials) with great spin potential (coming from thinner gauge and shape). Ahh tennis. You discover it all your life

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