Tennis string price and quality

Tennis string price and quality



You get what you pay for ! Strings pricehow much should we pay for the strings?

Lately we’ve seen a blog where the popular producer (without pointing names) is claiming that more expensive strings offer better performance and quality. To be honest we totally have to disagree with that statement

In fact, this is the very reason why we started Mayami. To break the wrong pattern. Do you know why expensive strings are so expensive? There are few possible reasons:

1. Because we agree to pay for it (so why not?)
2. Because producer pays a lot of money to some top athletes so he needs to compensate the cost some where else (customers)
3. Shipping and production costs (materials and quantity)

you notice that we’ve put something connected with the product itself as last reason? Ye, it’s not coincidence. Production and shipping costs are very very similar between each companies. It doesn’t justify such high prices (again without pointing fingers).

This is the same reason why we have to pay so much money for a racquets. Production costs of a racquet produced in China are probably around 20 USD. So the missing +/- 150 USD is pure profit. Of course if we could see how much of it goes to our beloved pro athletes pockets it would probably make much more sense.

Is the system wrong?

Pricing is not wrong but lying to customers is definitely wrong. Paitnjobs every 2 years to push the racquet with such markups, now string marketing trying to justify the higher prices. Of course please don’t get me wrong. There might be some magic formula that can make the string perform very good BUT it’s very subjective. Performance and string value are two very different things.

We at Mayami will never forget about our customers and our pro athletes are still able to compete at highest level : Marchenko beating Murray with Mayami Magic Twist, Denys Molchanov semifinal doubles ATP 250 Melbourne with Mayami Hepta Power, Andrei Medevedev former ATP 4 choosing Mayami Tour Hex, Mayami Big Spin in top 5 strings of the month at stringforum ranking many times, just to name a few highlights of the 2021. 

Why one string is better than the other?

It’s clearly subjective. Producers work on the formula, try different things, materials, then add colors and end up with something that you might like or not. Stiffness of the string plays big part in the performance and durability. The stiffer the string the more durable it is. It’s easier to make good stiff string than good soft string. Softer strings can have too much power or can break too fast but in our opinion comfort shouldbe most important FIRST gate for string testing.

Then we are looking for performance and durabilitywithout the performance we can’t put the string on the market since we want to be competitive and kick some… racquets on tour 😊

With durability we can talk about value. How much do we have to pay for the performance and how long this performance lasts. We hope you will find your future favourite string among Mayami products 😊


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