In pure theory a perfect shot is when you put the biggest pressure on the opponent with the least risk of error from your side.

How to apply pressure?

The biggest pressure comes from DEPTH OF THE BALL.
It doesn’t have to be fast or with crazy spin. If you hit deep you are still in the game (it’s almost impossible to hit a winner without taking extra risk) and the opponent might still make a mistake and give a much easier, shorter ball that you can then finish.  

Tennis is all about timing. If you hit deep you either force the opponent to move back OR you are taking away the time for the preparation (pressure). Both scenarios are perfect.

Crème de la crème is of course SPEED of the ball (power). It is taking the time from your opponent greatly BUT at the same time you are bearing some risk of the potential mistake.

All togher you should play DEEP with highest POSSIBLE speed that you can CONTROL. Wait for the shorter ball that you can exploit or wait for the risky shot from your opponent which creates a better angle for you to attack (geometry of the court changes so you can hit more aggresive while keeping the risk still at minimum level)

How to minimize risk ?

SPIN will always be your best friend here. It gives a margain of error. In theory the worst mistake a tennis player can make is sending ball to the net.

It is also partly the next stage of applying pressure. If you can hit DEEP and with SPIN from left to right let’s say 10 balls in a row you will notice how suddenly your opponents start making „easy” mistakes while you are not forcing yourself to hit „magic shots”.

Great, so how strings can help you hit deep?

1. You might prefer a lower powered string that gives you that sense of CONTROL.
It means you can hit out without the fear of sending the ball too long. The ball is perhaps slower BUT at least you are achieving the FIRST and most important rule of quality shot.

For that our best strings are Mayami Tour Hex and Hit Pro.

2. You might prefer a spin oriented string to minimize the risk of error and still be able to apply some pressure.

For that our best string is Mayami Big Spin

3. Maybe you often hit too short no matter how hard you swing? Or maybe you can CONTROL the added power and want to apply even more pressure on your opponents ?

For that our best string is Mayami Hepta Power

4. Or maybe you want a mix of everything above?

Mayami Magic Twist sounds like the best choice.

5. Or maybe you still want to mix some of the best traits from different strings?

Spin + Control – try a hybrid of Big Spin / Tour Hex

Spin + Power – try a hybrid of Big Spin / Hepta Power

Control + Power – try a hybrid of Tour Hex / Hepta Power

Control + Control (different feel) – try hybrid of Hit Pro / Tour Hex and Tour Hex / Hit Pro

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