How often should we restring the racquet?

How often should we restring the racquet?

There are few factors to consider when is the perfect time to put a fresh strings in your racquet:

1) Performance

Everytime % of balls hitting your target suddenly drops it’s probably because the strings got too loose. With old strings the response can be a bit less precise with more inconsistencies. There are strings that over time get more power and there are strings that over time loose their snapback ability and turn completely cold, dead and harsh.

So ye, performance changes and from strings it depends how it changes and when the real noticable change occurs. It’s better to play „in the zone” and don’t worry about your string tension.So still better to change as often as possible.

All our strings are focused on highest performance but if we could pick only two the choice would land on Mayami Magic Twist and Mayami Tour Hex

2) Comfort

Once you find your perfect tension setup it’s best to play with it for as long as possible (which means restringing as often as possible). There are few reasons behind it. First, because your body get used to the feel and stiffness/softness of the stringbed.

Vibrations of the racquet are familiar to your body and if it didn’t create any harm in the past, it shouldn’t create the issue later either. Of course, if we discuss comfort we can only advice to use softer strings with lower tensions and „softer” string patterns like 16x19.

If comfort is your primary thing we can advice you to try Mayami Hepta Power and Mayami Big Spin.

3) Tension maintenance

Here we can also discuss the real value of the strings. How much performance you can get out of the setup and for how long the ”magic window” is still open 😊

There are strings on the market that play great and suddenly drop in tension so hard that the performance and feel are totally changed. The better the tension maintenance the longer your performance and greater feel of the ball.

Our best strings for tension maintenance are Mayami Tour Hex and Mayami Hit Pro.

4) String durability

Have you ever experienced the string breaking in the middle of a tiebreak? When you play matches it’s best to play with a fresh string setup which is less prone to break. It’s unnecessary problem for your head to think about when and if your string might break during a match.

If you are hearing weird sound during a strike or your strings are moving like crazy then they might be breaking soon so watch out ! 😊

Usually strings with better tension maintenance are also better in durability so our pick still lands on Mayami Tour Hex and Mayami Hit Pro but this time we would highly recommend to try thicker gauges of that strings which increases durability like crazy 😊

That’s also why Rafael Nadal is playing with 1.35 gauge. 

5) Your sensitivity to changes

There are players that pay huge attention to their setup and can feel really small nuances. Those will have to restring as often as possible in order to play „in the zone”.

On the other hand there are players who don’t really care about their setup and can adjust to it over and over again. In their situation the only factor left is comfort of the string. BE CAREFUL ! Making adjustments to your setup over and over again might kick you out of your tennis form.

So in this article we advice to string as often as possible but what does it really mean? Well we would say the average restringing time for a club players is between 3-12 weeks playing one-two times a week.

For a competitive amateur players the average restringing time is between 2-8 weeks if they are playing +/- from two to three times a week.

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