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MAYAMI Test Samples Sets

MAYAMI Test Samples Sets

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The best way to find out what suits you best is to test all 5 types of our strings with Free shipping to different countries.

Our tennis strings have unique properties to maximize the quality of any player's playing.
We are fully focused on the production and development of tennis strings in order to offer the best strings on the market in the price-quality category, as evidenced by many reviews and laboratory results. 

On, Mayami occupy the top of the list in nearly every category, especially when it comes to control and spin. Big Spin is rated #1 for spin and #1 in Overal Category among 450 types of strings.

Mayami tennis strings are made with competitive intermediate and advanced players in mind. Our high performance strings, also known for their comfort, feel, power and tension stability, are also ideal for novice players, too.  

That allows our three strings to be in the top 10 of the absolute rating (Overal Category) among 439 tennis strings.
Lab Test results  (Points) :  

We got one of the best and highest results in laboratory research on Stringingpedia ( in Control, Spin, Tension loss : 

  1. MAYAMI Tour Hex: 100/100 Control, 100/100 Spin, 100/100 Tension loss
  2. MAYAMI Hepta Power : 100/100 Control, 90/100 Spin, 85/100 Tension loss
  3. MAYAMI Hit Pro  : 90/100 Power, 90/100 Spin  
  4. MAYAMI Magic Twist : 90/100 Power, 80/100 Control, 90/100 Spin
  5. MAYAMI Big Spin : 95/100 Spin, 85/100 Control, 85/100 Power