We are looking for junior players ages 12-18 in any country to be a part of our MAYAMI Junior Competition Team. 

Many young athletes have dream to play in prestigious tournaments around the world and become a famous tennis player. But the costs of becoming an athlete play a key role and many talented players left the game and quit tennis before they turned 18 years old.

We want to help junior players achieve their goals and realize their dreams of becoming famous tennis players. 

Our goal is to create a MAYAMI Junior team players from 12 to 18 years of age around the World and provide them with the maximum sponsorship discount on the best tennis strings that play better, last longer and cost less, and have the highest performance in control and spin 


  • The 40% discount code for strings reels 200m  
  • 5 different sets 12m for first test (pay only $15 with FREE shipping) 
  • No minimum orders required
  • FREE Shipping to any country  
  • FREE Brand T-shirt MAYAMI for order over 1 reel per order ( for 2 and more reels) 




  • Be junior ranking player in your country
  • Make picture with our reel and send us by email info@mayamistrings.com . We will use this picture in our website and social media accounts ( instagram, facebook )
  • Put our brand logo on your tennis racquet during tournaments. You will get stencil with first order reel. 


How to get sponsorship?  

Send information ( your first name, last name, country, ranking ) on our email : info@mayamistrings.com , or contact : instagram : direct @mayamistrings  

How can i test strings before i buy a reel? 
After we confirm your application, we will give you a discount code for 5 different types 12m test sets. Cost will be only $15 (usd dollars) with Free shipping to your country. This code you can use at check out. Buy 5 test sets strings by this discount you can here

If I know what suits me and want to buy a reel 200m with discount? 
You need make account here on our website and write to us your registration contacts , then we'll give you discount for any reel with free shipping. 

If I have sponsorship for a racket, can I also put your logo on strings with another logo?
Yes, you can, if you do not violate agreements with other brands. Our logo is usually located in the area of the vibration damper, which allows you to conveniently place it with other logo of tennis racket manufacture brands. 

In what currency can I pay for orders?
On our website, prices in usd dollars, but can be paid in any currency like (€ euro, £ pounds or another) that is automatically converted.  Payments must be made by persons over 18 years of age.