The name MAYAMI is derived from my spouse's first name Maryna (Ma), my first name Yaroslav (Ya) and finally Milchenko (Mi), my last name. We are a new string company based in Ukraine.

From the age of 12 I had a dream to play in prestigious tournaments around the world and become a famous tennis player.

The problem was the quality of the strings available were terrible. I suffered from arm pain and I broke strings nearly every day which quickly became expensive.

Many talented players left the game and quit tennis before they turned 18 years old. It was, and currently still is, a big problem that Mayami want to help solve. We want to help young players realize their goals and dreams. 

Our goal beginning in 2020 is to give a significant part of our profits to tennis development programs :

  • We are collaborating with the Tennis Federation of Rwanda as well as several other African countries by supporting local programs with free tennis strings for junior players in these countries.
  • We have in place a junior sponsorship program open to players age 12-18 worldwide.
  • Finally, we offer free strings to high ranking junior players in their home country.

    One of core beliefs is in helping players be the best they can be. After all, we love this sport.


    At Mayami our ultimate mission is provide high quality tennis strings to help players achieve their goals. Our strings are designed to help you realize your dreams.



    I have been involved in the sport of tennis for 30 years with 15 of those years as a coach. I know that your game depends on the correct choice of string and tension to achieve the maximum performance from your racquet.

    Our focus is on producing co-polyester tennis strings that play better, last longer and cost less while maintaining control and spin. 

    On Stringforum.net, Mayami occupy the top of the list in nearly every category, especially when it comes to control and spin. Tour Hex is rated #1 for control and Big Spin is rated #1 in spin.  

    Mayami tennis strings are made with competitive intermediate and advanced players in mind. Our high performance strings, also known for their comfort, feel, power and tension stability, are also ideal for novice players, too. 

    That allows our three strings to be in the top 10 of the absolute rating (Overal Category) among 439 tennis strings.


    Lab Test results  (Points) :  

    1. MAYAMI Tour Hex: 100/100 Control, 100/100 Spin, 100/100 Tension loss
    2. MAYAMI Hepta Power : 100/100 Control, 90/100 Spin, 85/100 Tension loss
    3. MAYAMI Hit Pro  : 90/100 Power, 90/100 Spin  
    4. MAYAMI Magic Twist : 90/100 Power, 80/100 Control, 90/100 Spin
    5. MAYAMI Big Spin : 95/100 Spin, 85/100 Control, 85/100 Power


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     Thank you for choosing MAYAMI