MAYAMI - #1 string in overall category among all tennis strings in market (Stringforum)

MAYAMI - #1 string in overall category among all tennis strings in market (Stringforum)

Mayami - is a very popular brand of tennis strings from Ukraine. Created by former professional players in 2016 and released to the market in 2019 after much testing and development.

After entering the market in May 2019, it has gained a leading position in the popular forum as well as in the tennis warehouse forum.

On the stringforum, the strings have been constantly in the top 5 best strings of the month for 3 years, and also take first place among all strings on the market and first place in the spin category.

Our main advantage is that we develop next generation strings and are completely focused on development, technology and we devote the maximum of our time in this direction.
We strive to make the best strings on the market in terms of price and quality and we offer strings at the most affordable prices on the market.

Our main goal and mission is to make strings that will help to achieve success not only for professional athletes but for all tennis fans.
We have divided our strings into 5 types to help players choose the most suitable string for them, which will allow them to achieve maximum performance on the tennis court.

We sell 70% of our strings directly to the consumer, as it is very important for us to keep in touch with our consumers and this allows us to make additional changes and improvements to the composition of tennis strings.

We strive to make our work and strings as useful as possible to the people so that each player feels confident and also competes with the top players in their tennis community.

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