Mayami tennis strings discount for USRSA and IART members!

Fellow stringers I want to share that MAYAMI STRINGS is offering a discount to USRSA and IART members. MAYAMI focuses solely on tennis strings producing durability, control, and spin. Their mission is to develop tennis strings that will result in a new generation of innovative products that will help take players take the game to a new level to achiever the highest possible results. 

I was able to play test five of their polyester strings and was pleasantly surprised at the quality and playability of the MAYAMI lineup. Two of the most popular strings are TOUR HEX and BIG SPIN.

TOUR HEX #1 in control, spin category and in top 5 strings of the month (last 3 months). BIG SPIN is #1 overall and #2 in spin category on MAYAMI strings are very arm friendly and offer the best value for the money. They also offer free world-wide shipping on orders over $28. You can see reviews of MAYAMI strings on

The quality and playability of the MAYAMI lineup is exceptional. The value that these strings offer will make it a "must have" in your inventory for your clients.