🔥New prototypes Mayami tennis strings. R.Nadal has changed his game.

🔥New prototypes Mayami tennis strings. R.Nadal has changed his game.

During the last Australian Open 2022 something has changed.

Nadal despite his very superstitious nature decided to change his setups.
He changed to a thinner 1.30mm gauge.
But of course the real quest is simple :
can it get you a bit more without it making any sacrifices?

Some possible reasons for the change :
• hard courts have lower bounce so the upward motion of the racquet-path is slightly less aggresive :
• It’s more effective to hit through the ball in instead of hitting „up”. Of course !!
• Nadal is hitting through the ball every time, but the intention is a bit different.
• If the racquet-path is slightly more linear then the strings are less overloaded
• Strings can now last longer and it’s easier to hit the ball cleaner : and
•With a thinner gauge and some small adjustments Nadal should get greater speed & penetration with his balls just as heavy as with his previous 1.35mm gauge
• easier to play, less stress
• less physical efforts
• more power
• more forgiveness
• more comfort

The Game is changing NOW

Young guns are coming up with their modern frames, their polyvalent strings strung at lower tensions.
Modern and creative more reactive methods of training, less predictable to the usual situations and game strategies which have dominated Pros, Semi-pros & Top- level Tennis Players since more than a generation of mens, womens and Junior s tennis players world-wide !!

It makes sense that Nadal is looking for solutions to keep the advantage on his side

À real question :
• will he keep using the thinner gauge for Roland Garros?

Overall I think he will stick to 1.30 gauge and apply technical and tactical solutions to his game for the clay.
It’s better to practice with same setup and maybe slightly adjust the tensions.

Mayami team is now working on the perfect formula of the new string in the offer.
We could say it’s Spain – inspired
• 😊 Born on the clay courts,
• raised on the hard courts
• Next-Gen performances without sacrificing the comfort.

Prototypes are already flying around the world getting feedback from our Mayami Pro Team members and professional players on the tour.

We can’t wait to show you the finished product !
It will be amazing.

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